I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Berner Report: May 8 - May 15

I've seriously slacking in the Berner department this week. Trying to extricate myself from the food bank is proving challenging. MAYBE, it's all under control now and after another #$%^@&*!!! Sunday meeting I can be a regular volunteer one day a week. We'll see...

It's getting hot early, here, so any work with the Berner outside needs to be done early in the morning. It maybe 45 or 50 degrees when we get up in the morning but as soon as the sun is up the temperature starts rising. Even though the thermometer only says 70 if feels a lot hotter!

We have worked at getting him in the car, some, but we haven't been successful. That one day, last week when I was driving home and saw him in the road is the best we have done, so far.

He uses his kennel frequently, and I can close the door for up to a minute. I open it before he has a chance to freak and haven't pushed.

I have left him in the house with the door open and left for short periods. He's always gone when I come home.

He's really resisting learning to sit; and again, I don't push him. We try it a couple times a day, spaced far apart. He doesn't deal well with pressure.

I'm hoping with the extra time I will have at home by not having to be available for the food bank I can step up my game plan.

Saturday, May 8

The Berner takes his after breakfast nap in Stumpy's favorite shady spot in the doorway and she is not happy!

I have to make a quick trip to the library today. Hopefully the Berner will not go anywhere and I can leave him in the house, with the door open while I am gone.

I'm getting ready to go and it appears the Berner knows the signs and routine. It looks like he's hiding in the corner, since under the desk doesn't work.

Normally, he would be following me everywhere.

Stumpy blew my plan. She alerted to something outside and went running out the door to challenge whatever it was (nothing I could see). The Berner followed her out headed down the road.

He was back by the time we returned. It gets hot early, these days, and I don't think introducing him to a car when it's is going to help. Yeah, Red (my ol' trooper) has no AC. So, my plan, once again, went awry.

Mr.B watches some television.

Sunday, May 9
I'm a little sad.

Besides the Berner being in my chair

No one is feeling the need to make sure I am sleeping, safe and sound, in the bedroom. Hmph!

He had a pre-breakfast snooze on the deck while Stumpy and I played ball and watched the sunrise

I swear someone is leaking information to his guy. He took off again this morning. I had no place to go and nothing to do, ALL DAY,except to work with him. Grrrrrr!

He arrived back home after 2 and has been dead to the world ever since.

Monday, May 10

Alfy watches while Stumpy runs after the ball. Nothing much phases this guy.

Once again Mr.B foiled my plans! Home all day with plans of working on kenneling and riding and Berner Boy takes off. By the time he returns, he's too hot and tired to even think about stressing him further.

Here's where my serious slacking begins, so I'm just posting pictures and a couple videos.

Normally, when training the recall, it would be done on leash for a looooooong time. Basically, I am conditioning a response. I call you, you come, there is no other option. Alfy has leash issues so I don't call, "Alfy, come!" there is no command. Just that he is listening and eventually returning to me is good enough for now. Yeah, shoot me, I am using food. And Stumpy is a big help in his training.

Although I still have to bribe him to go in the kennel,I can shut the kennel door without him freaking.

He's not particularly happy or comfortable with the situation but manages pretty well. Again, I open the door before he has a chance to panic. He's up to about a minute and a half, with me standing right there and talking to him.

We see a lot of this...

Some of this...

a little of this

and Mr.B trying to squish himself in between the wall and Stumpy's chair.

it's one of his favorite places to nap

Constant thorn removal

He seems to ponder the benefits of staying or going each day

then something in the neighborhood catches his attention

and he's gone

Weirdly, I about never see Alfy out on the road, anymore, when he's left home. Yesterday, I left for a short while and left Alfy in the house with the door open. On my way home I looked in my rear view and there he was following me back to the house.

I stopped the car but he wouldn't approach until I got out of and stepped away from the car. He followed me home from there. I didn't envy him the trot home. It was in the 80's yesterday.

We also see quite a bit of this

That would be Alphonso Bernard Jacob Scout Billy Bob Berner breaking my heart everytime I leave. Seriously, the looks I get could make me never leave the house again, because I know it's breaking his heart, too. It the same old double standard. What's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. he can come and go as he please, I should stay home waiting for him to get back.

Saturday, May 15
Once again, Alfy left early this morning. Darn Dog! I swear he's got my number!

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NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

He is just so freakin' khute!

I so hope one day the light bulb goes on and he says "I'm not going anywhere!"


Sam said...

So, you've settled on the name Alfy? Very cute.

I totally hear you about no A/C in the car.. mine doesn't, either. Might be getting fixed this week, but I've endured many hot summers without it.

Like Khyra said, I, too, hope that one day, he just decides that he's done living outside!

Sandra said...

He's a slightly broken boy. My Atlas was as well, but he was neutered and he became trained to invisible fencing. But he had some issues. I have a couple of horses with trust issues. Lack of trust is the worst.

The boy needs neutering, but you know that. It doesn't mean all issues will be solved but he is in constant pursuit as long as he has his brain between his legs. Is there any vet who will neuter on site? He's a good boy who wants to please, but can't quite get there.

I don't know why food use would be a problem, I use whatever works to get the desired end result. It's not as if this dog came into your home as a loved puppy with no baggage. He has history of the not so good kind. He knows how to survive. Food is part of survival, a large part. I would use it to my advantage, as it is in his best interest to connect you to his survival.

You have come so far with him it is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You have done wonders in a relatively short period of time. If you did not have plans to be away you would not feel the pressure of trying to get more accomplished. I think Stumpy has been a great help too.

Andrea said...

He is so cute. You have such a great job with him so far. Love love love the photos!!! :)

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Khyra, I am going to have to turn that lightbulb on for him! I soooooooo wish I had a fenced yard.

Sam, his fans decided his name. It was close, though!

Sandra, as soon as I can get him in the car or kennel without freaking out those things are coming off! No vet is willing to come out here. If I wasn't planning on hitting the road, permanently. i would invest in fencing. Any kind! Especially after an incident yesterday with my freak of a neighbor.

the food thing? I am with you... whatever works. However I've gotten emails (some not so nice) with regard to clicker training and force and all kinds of things. um...no!

Dogsmom, I'd still feel the pressure. it's not safe out there for a dog to be wandering. I'm leaving my email on your blog.

Andrea, thanks for checking us out. My photos are almost an embarrassment compared to yours (but I love them anyways). I've been waiting for an update on the Charlie Project FOREVER!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Yepper that would break our hearts to so see him looking so sad. We know that he is sure happy he has you looking out for him. As for the training we are guessing you just have to be patient like you were when you were getting him used to coming inside. Hope all is well today. We have a hot one too. Like 87+ degrees out there and really humid...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Heeler's, patience is the key, I know. I just get a little crazy (crazier) when I think about heading east.