I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Saturday, October 31, 2009

You Scream I Scream: Dog

You Scream I Scream is a collaboration of musicians that don't take themselves too seriously.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goin' batty...


Rémi is willing to do all and anything. Check out more of his videos here:
Rémi Gaillard

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Take it back!!! or say it ain't...


Yup! I walked out the door this morning to toss the ball for Stumpy before work and it's freaking snowing! Bad enough that it got down to 35 last night, but snow? In October?????

It's probably just blowing off of the mountains, but still, it's a matter of principle. Now I am late, because I had to whine and rant. HA!! It's not as if they can dock my pay or anything! No, no one is waiting for me. I always go in an hour or two early because that is only time I can get any paperwork done.

Next time, bring some cheese, would you? Stumpy is waiting for cheese.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dog makes purchase while owner sleeps

This is the story of a man, his dog and an Xbox Live bill.

You should probably, despite the photographic evidence, take it with a grain of salt.

Kotaku reader Greg says that while he slept his year-old Lab/Hound mix, Oscar, attacked his Xbox 360 controller managing to both turn on the console and purchase 5,000 Microsoft Points as he gnawed the hard plastic controller.

"I realized it when I checked my phone to see what time it was (I had to be at work soon) and saw the e-mail from Microsoft confirming the purchase for $62.50," he told Kotaku via email. "At that point it was a little after 5 a.m.... not something you want to wake up to."

Greg's not mad about it, he's already spent the points on a slew of download games, just bemused.

Oscar has, in the past, chewed up pillows, boxes, flip flops, socks, slippers, underwear, candles, toiler paper, bottles, work IDs and the blinds in Greg's living room, but this is the first time he's made a purchase.

"Chances are this is the first time an animal has managed to purchase Microsoft points on an Xbox 360," Greg writes. "What are the odds that he chews on the right buttons, in the right order and moves the stick in the right directions to navigate and purchase points. 1 in a billion? More?"

"Now, I can't call Microsoft and say 'My dog chewed my controller'. That excuse never worked in school for homework, what makes me think that a multi-billion dollar corporation is going to believe it?"

Greg does have a roommate and girlfriend that lives with him, but everyone was asleep when the purchase was made.

"Unless either me, my girlfriend or my roommate "sleep shop", there's no other living creature besides the dog that could have done it."

Greg says he was initially annoyed about the late-night canine shopping spree, but he eventually got over it and spent the points.

"All in all, I'm not mad," he said. "A bunch of new games to keep me busy and a reason to finally go buy that black controller I've been wanting."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fund raising

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It's difficult any time, but in this economy it's darned near impossible.

The last two weeks have been spent in preparation for a fund raising event to garner some much needed funds for the food bank. When it was all said and done, we didn't raise a lot of money, but we did have a good time. Hopefully, more people are aware of our needs and the services we offer.

My friend and a volunteer brought her mini donkeys, Candy and Boomer over to attract attention to our booth. They were very popular with everyone.

Poor Stumpy had to stay home (AGAIN!) Many donkeys are livestock guardians and will kill dogs, if given the chance. Candy and Boomer are as gentle as you can imagine and they love their own dogs. Other dogs? Not so much...

But dang those mini donks are as cute as can be!
Here's Boomer

And this is Candy

Both Candy and Boomer are 18 years old. Carol rescued them a couple of years ago. Both donks have come along way but the neglect they suffered manifests itself in physical maladies they both suffer, and always will. Fortunately, they have a forever home with Carol. Her love and devotion to them is obvious and is returned. Although the donkeys are spoiled rotten, they are well behaved and respectful. Except for that one time when Boomer thought he was a lap dog and tried to climb into my lap.

This is a perfect example of what a horrible photographer I am. I didn't get any pictures of our booth. No pictures of Carol on her mule. No close-ups of the donkey's in their parade gear... And that's why I don't have more pictures on my blog. I forget to take them.

I'm adding this link regarding donkeys as livestock guardians. It seems people didn't know how brave these beautiful creatures could be.

It's a quick read about some folks, longtime breeders of Scottish deerhounds. They decided to get into sheep and found they needed livestock guardians. After researching the subject, they chose donkeys.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm infected!!!

No, it's not swine flu and really it's not me. It's my computer!!! Some horrible phishing tool, spyware virus thing attached and embedded itself in my security program! The nerve! I guess it's time to try another security program, huh?

One might wonder where one goes to get one's computer debugged, when one lives in dirtville. That remains to be seen. Today, on my sacred and beloved day off (the only one this week), Stumpy and I came into work, to change all my passwords everywhere.

We'll be back...

Oh and one of Stumpy's post cards is on the front page of the Pet Postcard Project, today. Scroll down to the 7th postcard to see!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daddy Chihuahua leads family to safety

By Brian Chasnoff - Express-News

A daddy dog with a deformed leg led his family of nine to safety this week along the shoulder of a busy highway during rush-hour traffic, officials said.

His destination: Animal Care Services.

“Animals come in every single day,” whether they're picked up or dropped off, said Lisa Norwood, ACS spokeswoman. “In this particular case, they brought themselves in.”

An ACS employee and a volunteer caught sight of the pack of Chihuahua mixes Wednesday around 5 p.m., Norwood said.

From the shoulder of a bustling Texas 151, the patriarch of the family led an older female dog and seven puppies down a grassy slope and to the gate of ACS, located along the frontage road of the highway.

The leader has a cloven leg — likely a birth defect caused by inbreeding.

“He gets along fine and was able to lead his family off of the highway and into the shelter,” Norwood said.

ACS officials believe someone abandoned the pack along the highway — an illegal act anywhere in Texas. Abandoning an animal is an act of cruelty and a felony if someone throws the creature from a vehicle or into a body of water, Norwood said.

“Abandoning an animal by a highway is just unconscionable,” Norwood said. “There are so many options, so many shelters in San Antonio.”

The phenomenon is common in this region, particularly in parks and rural areas, she said.

In this case, the nine Chihuahuas were suffering from ringworm and mange. Both conditions are treatable, although they could take several months to heal.

Norwood said ACS has placed the dogs on a special hold in hopes of finding people to adopt them. Officials said those interested should call (210) 207-4738.

“They're real sweet. A couple of them are just really social,” she said. “This is a perfect reason for folks to come forward and become fosters. Animals like this come in, and they clearly deserve another chance.”

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween... Proof that dog owners are crazy

No words necessary...

The Haute Dog Howl'oween Event in Long Beach, California raise over $10,000 each year for the dogs.

The three-headed dog at 2:53 is my fav. Stumpy wants to be a three-headed dog, I just don'think she knows it yet...

This has Norwood's name all over it.

Happy Hunting Norwood!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet another chair for Stumpy

Stumpy gets presents and surprises on an almost daily basis. Yesterday it was another new chair from the thrift store. Hey! Back off! She only had 3 and needed a window seat. Yeah, yeah pictures of Stumpy in her different chairs, another time.

Right now, I am obsessing on these ...zhu zhu pets

I just can't imagine how crazy it would make Stumpy. Bonus!!!! No shedding! And I wouldn't have to buy any more chairs for the new family member.

Riley's zhu zhu review

I'll continue to fight the urge. They aren't dog-safe, and I am sure they can't outrun Stumpy. Stumpy doesn't need any help being crazier.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stumpy won! ETA the email response...keep those post cards coming...

I got an email yesterday. The Pet Postcard Project has chosen two of Stumpy's postcards as winners.

"My name is Cheryl and I'm helping Nikki with the Pet Postcard Project. It has become too big for one person! I'm the volunteer prize coordinator. I'm writing you because you won the following items in our September contest:

8 in 1 pet products gift pack
Springer America pet bike exerciser

If you haven't won before or if you have moved, please send me your mailing address so that your awards will go to the right place.

Thank you and we hope to see more of your creative cards soon!


Looking at the prizes,(8 in 1 pet products gift pack,) I think Stumpy's dogvice card won for most photogenic dog (one of 3 winners for the month of September.)

The second prize, a Springer America pet bike exerciser, is awarded to the most athletic dog of the month. I don't know which of the other two post cards shows a lot of athleticism.


I am no longer a collector of stuff and as someone who runs a non profit I really have an intimate knowledge of funding. I didn't enter the contest thinking i would win anything. I did it to help feed the dogs.

I responded with this email:
"Hi Cheryl! wow! I never thought about winning, just helping the dogs... two questions before you send me anything.

Is there a way to donate back the prizes for future fund raising efforts? I am involved in non profit work myself, and understand that might not be possible. It really is all about helping the dogs, in my book, and if it helps to donate the prizes back and save the postage, then I am all for it!

And secondly, is the contest on going? Is Rachel Ray still donating food to shelters? I thought it was just through September. If the postcards will provide the shelters with more food, I will certainly keep sending them. If it's just for prizes, I'd just as soon save the ink, postage and paper.

I can't imagine what a huge endeavor this has been. I am glad Nikki has you to help. Thanks for all you do."

And the response...

I'll answer your second question first. Yes, Rachel Ray is still donating food to the shelters. The agreement is until we reach 6,000 cards, so we still have a few more to go before the second shipment of food. And, great news - Nikki is working on a couple other sources and getting more dog food donations! The entire goal behind the site is to provide food for shelters in need and that remains the main focus.

As far as the prizes go, the items are all donated to our site in support of what we are doing for shelter dogs. Each month, the cards are judged and winners are awarded accordingly. Once you receive an awarded prize, you may decide to keep the items for your own use. You may wish to donate to a shelter of your choice (I know my area shelters appreciate anyone dropping off items for their use) Or, some rescues ask for items (not even dog related) that they can auction to raise money for medical bills for dogs in their care or foster homes needing surgery or expensive medicines, etc.

The site is in it's 3rd year and has become too overwhelming for one person to manage alone. I am honored to play a part in the Pet Postcard Project and work with Nikki.

I hope this answers your questions.

If I make post cards that will continue to help feed shelter dogs, that works for me. I am guessing Nikki Moustaki will be publishing a book, similar to Post Secrets. I don't mind, but I don't need to use any more of my ink, paper or postage to help with that endeavor.

Nikki does a lot for all kinds of animals. I respect her for that. But I am on a budget, ink is expensive, and the "green" issues (ink cartridges, etc.)are part of my decision.

So, yes, I will send a few more postcards and I will be looking for a rescue or shelter that is doing an auction or raffle to send Stumpy's prizes.

Oh! And yay me! I figured out how to do links!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where's Stumpy been?

Work (that I don't get paid for) has been kicking my butt, 7 days a week for 2 months now.

On top of that, new neighbors, the kind you dread, moved next door 2 months ago. There's eight people in two small trailers and six dogs running loose all the time. Stumpy is afraid to leave the deck because the dogs see her in the yard and mob her. These people have no idea what a trash can is used for and one of the trailers has no septic...So yeah, I get to watch them from my deck relieving themselves and their trash blowing through my yard. Not fun!!! Their dogs are outside dogs and seem to sleep all day and bark all night. It's just awful!!! And yes, I have called animal control, the health department and the zoning board. The other "neighbors" have also called. Sooner or later they well be removed, but until then ...AAARGGGGHHH!!!!

On to other things. You may or may not recall that one of my responsibilities is the running of a thrift store. It's a good thing I am not a shopper. However, I do have a weakness for things that I know Stumpy will love. With the colder temperatures, Stumpy is enjoying my most recent purchase.

The chair is cushy. Stumpy is all about comfort. It also provides a bit of a wind break.

It's also the perfect spot for coyote spying. You can have your seasonal frogs, Norwood. Stumpy is into coyotes.

The picture at the top is an action shot, only I didn't get much action.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Warning!!! GRAPHIC!!!

An elephphant gives birth. AMAZING!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's creepy, but I totally want one...

You real need to click on the pictures to enlarge them and get the full effect.

Maybe it will resolve my "need another dog" issue.
Probably not, but it would be an interesting conversation piece.
Or cause a gag reflex...

This piece of "art," is by Meryl Smith- a doggie bag, she calls, "Excessory Baggage." Regardless of the yuck factor, I still want one. I don't even carry a handbag.

At first glance, I thought it was a pig. After further research it turns out it's actually a greyhound.

The poor thing has a real-looking face and body. The worst part is the zipper on its torso! And those eyes! Talk about sad! is it because it looks like a pig? maybe it's sad because it's got handles protruding from it's back. It could be because of the Frankenstien-like zipper that runs it's length. What ever the cause for its melancholy, I would take it home, in a heartbeat, if someone were to get it for me.

"Man's best friend may be his dog, but woman's constant companion is her handbag." (I don't know who said that, but it wasn't me.)

There are plenty more of these types of handbags, if you are one of those people that want to tote a puppy around.

The purse looks like a little wiener dog, is about the same size of one, too. It nestles nicely under your arm. This gives you the feeling of carrying a canine without the cruelty, or pet-ownership commitment, that comes with toting a real dog. It's too bad about the dead eyes.

I used to be a stuffed animal freak. Since deciding to live a minamlist lifestyle, there is no room for this one, a maltese:

If I was a pug's person, I would be digging this:

With the exception of the first bag, the prices range from $39.99 to $150.00.
The first bag must be priceless, as I couldn't find a price for it anywhere, and you know, it is art....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OOps!!! Nike says they didn't resign vick...Boycott Nike, Vick Re-signs

Agent: Michael Vick re-signs with Nike

By RACHEL COHEN, AP Sports Writer 10 hours, 13 minutes ago
NEW YORK (AP)—Michael Vick(notes) is back with Nike two years after the company severed ties over the quarterback’s involvement in a dogfighting ring.

“Mike has a long-standing, great relationship with Nike, and he looks forward to continuing that relationship,” his agent, Joel Segal, said Wednesday.

Segal would not reveal terms of the agreement. Nike declined a request for comment.

The deal was announced during a panel discussion at the Sports Sponsorship Symposium by Michael Principe, the managing director of BEST, the agency that represents Vick.

The endorsement is the latest step forward for Vick as he seeks to rehabilitate his career and his image after serving 18 months in federal prison. On Sunday, Vick played his first regular-season game since December 2006.

“It is quite evident that athletes that run afoul of the law are by no means relegated to obscurity when it comes to pitching products,” said David Carter, a professor of sports marketing at the University of Southern California.

Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. 13. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave him his full reinstatement Sept. 3, saying he could return to the field in Week 3.

Vick participated in 11 plays, accounting for 30 total yards, in the Eagles’ 34-14 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, as Philadelphia tries to use him in a variety of ways as a backup.

Nike, which signed Vick as a rookie in 2001, terminated his contract in August 2007 after the Atlanta Falcons star filed a plea agreement admitting his involvement in the dogfighting ring. At the time, Nike called cruelty to animals “inhumane, abhorrent and unacceptable” and halted release of his fifth signature shoe, the Air Zoom Vick V.

Back when Vick first signed with the Eagles, Carter had said he was “too toxic for most companies to even consider taking a chance on him.” What’s changed? As Carter noted Wednesday, there has been little backlash to the quarterback’s return to the NFL.

Protests have been limited, and the Eagles’ sponsors have stood by them. That experience could make companies less wary about adding Vick as an endorser, though the biggest determinant might be no different from any other athlete: how well he performs on the field.

Retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods said earlier this month that it wasn’t carrying Vick’s Eagles jersey in any of its 300 stores as a business decision.

But Paul Swangard, managing director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at University of Oregon, isn’t surprised that Nike re-established its relationship with Vick.

“Nike has a history of supporting athletes. I think they are supporting an athlete who still garners attention,” Swangard said. “This is about Michael Vick as the athlete not Michael Vick the prisoner. … When he is inside the lines of the field he is an exciting football player and that’s what a brand like Nike can tap into.”

Vick signed a $1.6 million deal with the Eagles, with a team option for the second year at $5.2 million. He was once a corporate star—holding multimillion dollar deals to market everything from sneakers to sports drinks. But those millions are long gone.

In July, Vick filed for bankruptcy protection while serving his sentence, saying he owed between $10 million and $50 million to creditors.

To Carter, Nike likely made a calculated business decision that the benefit of sales tied to Vick outweighed any potential public outrage.

Vick must still have some selling power if the company is getting behind him, he said. “Nobody understands their consumer and has their finger on the pulse of their consumer like Nike does.”