I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Friday, December 31, 2010

Come on in! The party has already started!

The Joke Puppy has some great ideas for New Years resolutions if you feel yours are lacking!

Wishing you and yours a year overflowing with love, laughter, good health and successful endeavors!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrong address! Take it back!

I'm pretty sure there's someone in Pawsylvania, with their paws crossed, waiting for this stuff

Sick of those New year resolutions? Dexter has a better idea!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What In Dog's Name????

It's Baby! She came over to play, but got cold!

A little something for those of you enjoying the winter wonderland

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Ahem... If it's not too much trouble

would you mind fixing my chair?"

"Seriously! Do you think I'm going to sit on the cold, hard, wooden slats of the deck?"

"It really is quite a chore having to ask you to do the simplest of things. It shouldn't be that difficult to remember to flip the chair over, after it rains"

Every day, every single day, I must have my nap, here in this chair, in the sun."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas was (grrrrr)ruff!

Stumpy, don't be mad, this will only take a minute (if you cooperate)

Stumpy, don't be telling secrets. It's not polite to whisper in front of others.


What exactly are those ears trying to tell me? Do I really want to know?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Stumpy's Wobbler is here!

Stumpy loves it!

Thank you, Mayzie!

"I will honor the Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year."
~ Charles Dickens

Wishing you and yours the peace and joy of the Season, throughout the year!
xox Stumpy and Cyndi

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ELF U!!!

When I sent this picture out, to friends and family, I got a lot of feed back about how happy Stumpy looks, and what a great smile, etc. The truth of the matter is she was crazed and exhausted!

My one S'tar, Deb, guessed right. It was the hat that pushed her over the edge and although I thought I had video of the first time I put it on, when I checked the SD card, it wasn't there. Symptoms of a camera in it's death throes or video/photographer (I use those terms loosely) error? Either is possible.

The video shown, below, does not begin to touch the level of craziness that ensued when Stumpy wore the hat and collar for the first time. I didn't put the hat on her again.

Don't forget your canines at Christmas! paybacks are a *@#$%!^&!!


The Animals of YouTube do it, again! As seen on the Daily Treat

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tasty Treat # 9: Booda Bones

We all know Stumpy is not at all fussy about what she puts in her mouth. But it did take a couple of minutes for Stumpy to decide this was edible and worth the effort.

All told, the 5 inch Booda Bone supplied 50 minutes of chew time! This is what's left after 40 minutes: just a nub.

You can see she is eager to get back to chewing.

Fifty minutes of focused chewing. Don't worry, the video isn't 50 minutes! It's 32 seconds, I think!

The video below was made by Best Friends Animal Society

Sunday's snooze #15

took place at Motel 6, because Stumpy and I went to the NOT so big city to do Christmas shopping. Rather than going back and forth twice and driving 200 miles we opted to spend the night.

Stumpy made herself right at home

After shopping all day, and a trip to the dog park, she was whupped!

Whoops! Sorry, Bratty! I didn't mean to wake you!

I won't take anymore picture, you don't have to hide. I promise!

Well, maybe one more...

My camera appears to be in it's death throes :( No pictures of the dog park, or shopping. So far, Stumpy and Fenway are the only ones that have any Christmas presents I fail at shopping :(

Barkley's christmas (this is long, but hysterical, Barkley's people are soooooo silly!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

News Flash! This just in!!! (Lovin' it!!!)

Michael Vick makes Anderson Cooper's RIDICULIST!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking Westward

Throughout the summer, and a major portion of spring and fall the blinds in the back window are kept closed to keep the house cooler. Once it cools off I'm happy to open them. I like sunlight, I like "open"

Stumpy must, too. When we're in the house, unless she's bugging me she's planted here, looking out the window.

It's not much of a view, but there is a wash back there. A wash is like a desert highway. All sorts of animals treat the washes as a major thorough fare. Cougar, coyote, bobcat, feral dogs, snakes, open range cattle and horses leave tracks, regularly.

Stumpy's not a noisy dog. She rarely barks, growls or even whines.

But I can tell there's something going on back there by paying attention to her ear action.

Just in time for Christmas, Dexter, has joined blog land.
He has a Christmas list he shared, recently.

Dexter also has has mad musical skillz! He plays multiple instruments, sings, raps
and writes his own lyrics, based on his adventures and aspirations.

Dexter's been busy! He's got his own YouTube Channel. He's produced and directed films like "Kill Da Piggie" " Dexter vs. the Squirrel," "Dexter Learns Sarcasm," and many more!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stimulating Stumpy #3 (don't try this at home)

An internet search gave me this idea. PLEASE read the warning at the end of the post!!! Thanks, Monica!

All you need is an empty water bottle, some treats and an old sock

I broke the treats into smaller pieces to fit inside the water bottle.

And slipped the water bottle inside of the sock.

Stumpy had a great time! Watching her was good fun, too!

45 minutes later, she is still totally engaged but beginning to get a little frustrated.

I decided to take the sock of the water bottle. The water bottle was so squashed that the treats weren't being released.

She entertained herself for awhile long, but was still not getting any treats. Well, not any edible treats. It was only a few minutes later that I noticed she was eating the water bottle! I'm not worried about these pieces making their way through Stumpy's digestive tract. But for a large breed dogs that are prone to gastric torsion, or a dog with a more sensitive stomach this could be fatal (yes, I will be checking poops to make sure. Unless of course someone wants to volunteer for that job.

So, I really like that this exercise kept her engaged for so long, but I think I'll try it with a soda bottle, maybe that will be more substantial. Plus, I'll leave ths sock on!

Actually, we have a real honest-to-goodness store bought treat dispenser en route!
Stumpy was fortunate to win a couple of the auction items that were donated to benefit Blueberry
Stumpy won a Kong Wobbler

Thanks to JD and Max for making it possible for us to help Blueberry! Thanks Mayzie (and everyone else) for donating such great prizes!

I guess I've just gotten in the habit of sharing a video, now. This one may be familiar to long time residents of canine blogland. I saw it for the first time yesterday and am working my way around to those who participated to thank them. I've listed their links below the video. Some of the participants are still blogging, some are MIA and some are partying over the Bridge.

It was produced and directed by Pappy in 2006. Pappy hasn't posted since August 2009. Hope all is well with you, Pappy! You're in our thoughts!

The video featured such canine greats and legends as (in order of their appearance)

Onion the Dog,


Cairo who's new baby sister must be taking up all the blogging time!

Tintin Who seems to have blogged while drunk in 2000, and hasn't been seen since, except in this video.

Dave and Zim from The Army of Four Digest

Toby MIA since Thanksgiving

Buster the Fox Terrorist MIA since Valentines Day of this year

Charley and Opy of The Original Gruff Puppy and Gruff Puppy fame. Charley left this world over a year ago, but I know his spirit will be a part of our blogging community, always. Their bean is the founder of Dogs With Blogs

Toby the Little Dude

Ellie, Maggie and Andie from the 3-Dog Cache Ellie crossed over in 2008. The blog hasn't been updated since 4 months after Ellie's passing. We're thinking of you!

Joe Stains and Tanner

The Flea Blog's Simon, who now resides over the Bridge but who's siblings, Tommy and Shelly carry the torch. MIA since July, though!

Brody, no update since Halloween, 2007


In my mind, these are the dogs that opened up Blogland for the rest of us. Thanks for the awesome video and helping to make blogging with dogs what it is, today!

Monica, commented that a similar toy was responsible for a dogs tongue requiring amputation. the following link will take you to that story. Thanks Monica!

Dogs Tongue Amputated

A Christmas Tail Tale

Break time! Take 10! Grab a hot chocolate and some kleenex. Warm fuzzies included

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


You're kidding me, right?

I'm telling you, if you don't get that thing out of my face I won't be responsible for what happens next!

An oldie but goodie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday's snooze

was delayed to make dozens and dozens (and dozens and dozens) of tamales, 25 pounds of beef worth of tamales; a tradition in the southwest, for the holidays.

One of about 15 trays. These haven't been steamed, yet.

Baby helped Stumpy with floor-washing duties

By the time we got home Stumpy was whupped and went right to bed chair

She was out like a light in no time.

Approximately 5 hours later a dozen steaming (literally) hot (as in seasoned to perfection) tamales were delivered to my door

Dinner's ready!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stumpy adds comedienne to her repertoire

Many thanks to Jack, who blogs at The Joke Puppy

Jack's Pet Photo Fun offers a unique service to animal lovers. He'll animate your pet and turn your ordinary photos into photovids. Your beloved pet comes to life as they sing original songs that celebrate extraordinarily special relationships between person and pet.

Perfect for the holiday season when your looking for something unique and different that will be treasured for years to come

Pet Photo Fun also offers photovids for rescues as his part to help the animals! Go, Jack!

Thanks, Jack! I'm loving this! I think I'll watch it, again!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Totally off topic

But I felt the need to share (there's an animal video at the end for you purists)

The Regrettable Food Gallery as presented by The Institute of Official Cheer (TIOOC) TIOOC has, in their own words, "been bringing the past to life and beating it to death since 1996."

The Gallery of Regrettable Foods is a smorgasbord of retro advertising and cookery. I'm calling my mother, today, and thanking her for not feeding us this stuff as we were growing up! I do remember, however, the envy I felt as some of my friends homes when their mom popped open a can of something for dinner.

I chose this particular picture because it brought to mind the tomato aspic that my grandmother made to celebrate each holiday.

The editor also offers insightful observations with regard to each photo
". . . and then it went back down again. Guys stood there looking at this thing, thinking yeah, that’s the problem with tomato juice, it’s not solid enough."

Mr. Lileks also offers us a link dedicated to dogs in newspapers

Because this is a dog blog, I give you the Animals of YouTube singing Deck the Halls

Thursday, December 9, 2010


They're here! The invasion has begun!

Man your posts!

Never mind

False alarm

And for anyone that needs an extra reason to smile

Heelers! herd that!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stimulating Stumpy #2

I'm always searching for ways to exercise Stumpy, physically and mentally. I'm not into spending big bucks, though. In my search I came across the following idea, which incorporate items easily accessible in most homes.

I used Stumpy's very favorite treat

a muffin tin

and tennis balls (ok, fake tennis balls in this case)

I broke a chicken jerky strip into smaller pieces and placed a piece in each muffin cup.

then placed the tennis balls, on top of the treat in the individual cups.

Have at it, Stumpy!

Stumpy had some fun with this! She is easily frustrated and this challenged her without making her crazy. Stumpy earned a reward frequently enough that she didn't have to go berserk on it. I think it will only be good for a couple of uses before she figures out she can lift the 6 tennis ball out to get all the treats in a matter of seconds. It will be fun to see how long it takes before she figures it out. She did have some fun with all the tennis balls, afterwards, too!

**Love my dirtville internet connection. It took almost 4 hours to upload this video. That doesn't include 3 previous attempts that ranged from an hour and a half to 3 hours. Yeah, about 12 hours total!