I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Friday, April 30, 2010

Convict or Zebra? And USPS Stamps to the Rescue

Because Shelter Pets Deserve a First-Class Meal

In celebration of the new Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps, the Postal Service™, together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo: Purely for Pets, is giving shelter pets around the country a First-Class Meal.

During the launch of the stamps, Halo will be donating a million meals to animal shelters around the country.

The Goal

We want more Americans to know about the millions of shelter pets that need good homes. Nearly half of the animals that enter animal shelters are euthanized. Many of these cats and dogs would have made a wonderful pet...if only given the chance.
You can make a difference. Adopt a pet, volunteer at a shelter, or just get the word out by buying these stamps.

These Stamps Are Something to Wag At
Photographer Sally Anderson-Bruce found these beautiful, adopted pets in her hometown of New Milford, Connecticut. Each of these animals was given a good home thanks to animal rescue shelters and the families who adopted them.

You can order the stamps on line here or by phone (1-800-STAMP.24). The Animal Rescue: Adopt-a-Shelter Pet commemorative postage stamps will be available in panes of 20 stamps for $8.80.

Read more about the campaign, here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How much can one dog take?

Apparently, quite a bit. this goes on a billion and forty three times a day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bone Collector

Collecting or hoarding, there's a fine line.

Stumpy may have crossed it.

While I joke about Stumpy's hoarding tendencies,the tendency to hoard and in particular, animal hoarding,is a huge and growing problem. I subscribe to the Animal Hoarding and News Blog. At least a couple of times a week this blog is updated with multiple cases of animal hoarding.

Hoarding is now classified as a medical/mental disorder, so cruelty/neglect/abuse charges are seldom filed. But animal hoarding is cruel. the impact hoarding has on the animals involved is brutal, physically and emotionally. Too often, animals coming out of these situations are unadoptable and euthanized, as a result.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of a hoarder. Document and report your findings to the local authorities, including animal control, health department and social services.
Listed below are symptoms and signs of animal hoarding.
•They have numerous animals and may not know the total number of animals in their care.
•Their home is deteriorated (i.e., dirty windows, broken furniture, holes in wall and floor, extreme clutter).
•There is a strong smell of ammonia, and floors may be covered with dried feces, urine, vomit, etc.
•Animals are emaciated, lethargic and not well socialized.
•Fleas and vermin are present.
•Individual is isolated from community and appears to be in neglect himself.
•Individual insists all animals are happy and healthy—even when there are clear signs of distress and illness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tasty Treat Tuesday #1

Following Khyra's lead, we decided to do Tasty Tuesday, trying out new recipes and treats with Stumpy and Mr.B as my critics. Stumpy and the Berner are at two opposite ends of the pole when it comes to what they will eat. Stumpy likes almost everything except for fruits and vegetables. The Berner, on the other hand, sometimes has to be convinced something is edible.

I tried a cookie recipe using banana's, pumpkin and peanut butter as the main ingredients.

And we try again

Because blogger has eaten our friend Stella's blog, due to spam, I have changed the commenting parameters. I'm not happy about it. But I'd be less happy if blogger ate my blog. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Weekly Berner Report (April 17 - April 24) AND "Name That Berner"

I'm telling you, now that this boy is fairly comfortable in the house he is sooooo chill! Whoever raised this boy raised him right. He's house-trained (hasn't had a single accident!), doesn't get in the trash, isn't destructive, seems to "understand, "no" and he's just perfectly happy laying around most of the time. He'll gnaw on a bone for hours and then take another nap. As Sandra said, brain surgery (aka neutering) is going to make a world of difference in this dog's life. I really believe the only reason this guy is doing any wandering at all is due to female dogs in heat and hormones obeying the call.

In case you don't want to read this whole long post, I'll give you the highlights.

The Berner is spending more time here than on the streets, each day.

He no longer displays any signs of anxiety or panic in the house.

The only time he's howled this past week is to howl with the sirens (rare in dirtville)

He's acting more like a happy dog, wagging his tail and playing with toys. He's chased balls and begun to play with Stumpy's toys, acting more like a well adjusted, normal, domestic dog all the time.

He's spent every night this week, in the house and is in no rush to go outside or leave in the morning.

I'm going to work really hard getting him to love his kennel this weekend. It's difficult to work with him because Stumpy is so jealous. She can be spiteful, vengeful, too. I don't want her mad at the Berner and sulking around the house feeling like yesterdays news.

We're also going to begin some training and house manners this week.

I've tried to resist naming Mr. B for a couple reasons. First of all, I wanted his adoptees to name him. Secondly, it's my feeble attempt to NOT fall in love with him. After a couple people mentioning his lack of a real name, I thought I would let our blogee friends name him. So give me your ideas for names and next week I'll make a poll and his fan's can decide what we will call him. I have a couple of nick names for him: Alphy, short for Alphonso, which I started calling him because I needed to call him something. Mister or Mr. B, short for Mister Berner. Magoo and Bumbles because he does some really funny things. One night he went in and out the door about 5 times for a bone. He would drop the bone down to scratch or whine at the door and then walk in without out. Then he would go right back out and do the same thing. MULTIPLE TIMES!!!

My plan to get him to the vet's this week is delayed until further notice. My 36 year old Trooper, Red, bit the dust and I am waiting to see how much she is going to cost to fix, or purchase a new (to me) vehicle, which I have planned for but wasn't quite prepared to make the plunge just yet.

Saturday, April 17
Mr. B left early this morning, around 8am. He snoozed for a bit in the driveway before leaving.

Mr. Mellow barely even moved when Stumpy and I played ball practically right on top of him!

While he was gone I set up his monster kennel where Stumpy's used to be.

You can see the Berner's kennel is easily twice the size of Stumpy's. I still don't know how he fit into her kennel.

I covered the kennel and put Stumpy's pillow inside the Berner's kennel, with the hope that it would help him to feel better about the switch.

I really wanted an airline kennel, but pickings were slim and this was the only kennel, even close to the size I needed for the Berner.

Stumpy checks out the Berner's new digs.

Don't worry! We have enough pillows around here that Stumpy won't do without!

He was back around 2:30 and picked up his bone on the way into the house.

They both ate dinner and now that the Berner was back Stumpy had to have his bone, the one she could have gnawed on all day long, but never even looked at it.

He checked out the new jail house. He went all the way in, but didn't lie down

He's been wanting to play with Stumpy's toys which causes Stumpy to be a jealous you know what. I gave him a water bottle with which to have some fun.

When he is in the house, he follows me around and stays pretty close. Pretty soon, I am going to have to break the news to him that I don't love dogs under my desk. I need to be able to stretch my legs and reposition my knees, constantly. Stumpy has learned to stay out of the way. The Berner is too big and can't get out of the way.

I could also live without dogs in the bathroom with me.

He brought his bone. I guess, in case i was going to be in there for awhile.

Sunday, April 18
Berner boy spent the night in the house AGAIN!

Although he'll go into the kennel for a treat, he spent the night, as far as I can tell, by the door, on the cold, hard floor.

Stumpy didn't decide the kennel was ok until this morning.

I have a stoooooooopid meeting today. I have to leave here at about 9 and probably won't get back until after 4. Meetings on a Sunday....pfffffft!

I got back from the meeting around 4 and Mr. B was waiting on the deck. He remained there in spite of the fact that I was in a strange vehicle. I actually got a tail wag out of him, upon my return. That's the third one.

After dinner he retired to his kennel. He didn't stay in it long, but I imagine that's because the cool tile floor was more refreshing. It was about 80 degrees here, today. I have a thermometer in the sun that read 110.

He and Stumpy stayed out late, again.

They appear to be behaving themselves!

Monday, April 19
Yup! He slept in the house, again!

I am really so excited! There are no signs of anxiety, at all. Although,I haven't really tested his willingness to stay,letting him out when he asks. Even in the morning, though, he is not in any rush to be outside.

and he's either happy to see me or happy the food delivery girl is awake. (please not the wagging tail.)

I had thrown a load of laundry in to be washed and afterwards I couldn't find the Berner anywhere. I looked all over the house calling him. It was dark so I didn't see him.

hey! that's MY chair!

He isn't hungry this morning and only ate a few bites of breakfast. Getting fussy, again? I am not very good at catering to fussy dogs. I pretty much believe they'll eat when they are hungry enough, as long as everything else looks ok. So I won't be catering to him, anymore than I already am.

He was gone by 8am, but returned about an hour later. He and Stumpy rough-housed a little.

Early in the afternoon, Stumpy's friend Blanket stopped by.

Mr. B was in the house when he arrived, more specifically, in his kennel. Blanket is an intact male dog, also, and I didn't want the two to meet. I pondered shutting the kennel door but really wanted to be close by the first time we took that step. So I left the Berner in the house by himself. I visited with Blanket's owner for about 45 minutes, all the while keeping an ear open for sounds of distress and/or destruction coming from inside the house.

Not to worry. This is the scene I returned to.

I don't think Mr. Berner missed me at all.

Tuesday, April 20
The Berner spent the night inside and he's definitely feeling more comfortable.

He and Stumpy have different styles of waiting for breakfast. Who's the starving dog?

Not, the Berner! He wasn't in the mood for breakfast, this morning.

Mr. B helped me get ready for work.

And he moved back into Stumpy's kennel.

I was really torn about putting him in the kennel when I had to go to work. I wanted to so badly, but I didn't want to traumatize him, again. I think I really need for him to decide the kennel is a good thing.

Stumpy stayed home from work today. When I returned she was as happy to see the Berner as she was to see me.

They hung out on the deck, in 60mph winds

Wednesday, April 21
5 nights in a row!

It's really hard going to work, these days. Mr.B is hanging around and I hate that he's still running loose. He looks so sad when Stumpy and I drive away.

If he's not on the deck when we get home, he must be close by. We're just in the house and he comes barreling down the street.

Thursday, April 22
The Berner spent the night.

Actually, he was here about 17 hours straight.
Lately, Stumpy and I have been leaving for work before the Berner leaves. It's really hard leaving him. Today, however, in spite of the rain, he left before us. He paused and looked back, as if to say, "Should I stay or should I go?"

We got home from work and the Berner wasn't far behind. He came in looking (and smelling) like a swamp thing.

but boy was he happy to see us!

The evening was pretty uneventful.
I keep my couch covered with a sheet and stuff to keep Stumpy off. The Berner didn't mind. He climbed up anyways and slept on top of the things piled on the couch.

Friday, April 23
I think he has now spent 6 nights, straight, in the house!
Of course, he's going to make me into a liar. He left early today and didn't return until late afternoon. He was happpy to be home.

He's waiting for dinner.

He and Stumpy spend a romantic evening on the deck.

The Berner lets Stumpy have a turn in her chair, while he curls up on one of her pillows.

Saturday, April 24
Mr. B slept in Stumpy's kennel. I'll have to remember to close it before bed.

The Berner is/was a semi-feral dog trying to survive in the Mohave Desert. If you're a new visitor to our blog, the Berner's story can be read in the posts listed, in chronlogical order, below.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stumpy stays out past curfew ... and the "chair"

Now that the temperatures have warmed up some, Stumpy wants to stay out all night.

She pops her head up every once in awhile looking for the 'yotes.

I won't let her stay out all night. No dog of mine will be doing the walk of shame in the morning.

A week ago, I might have thought she's watching for the Berner. But he's here every night,for almost a week! In the house!!!! All night!!!

A couple of people have inquired about Stumpy's chair. I bought it, last year, at the thrift store for $5.00. It's the large model.

It's called the Moon Chair.

It's made by MacSports and available in two sizes, and a variety of models, some with surround sound!

It's available at Walmart, in red, for $45.00


Assembly Required: No
Finish: Silver
Model No.: RMONMF-125
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 16.0
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 34.8 x 39.3 x 35.6
Instruction Manual: N
Assembled in Country of Origin: USA and/or Imported
Origin of Components: USA and/or Imported
Wal-Mart No.: 007107364