I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A bunch of stuff (pt. 1)

I'm doing lots of cleaning around here, in preparation, for our life on the road. Included, is the cleaning of my laptop. I'm always running across things that I want to share and I save them. Here's a few.

Patti Page remake: "How Much Is that Doggie In The Window," is now "How Much Is That Doggie in the Shelter."

In an interview, Ms Page states, " "When I recorded that song more than 50 years ago, 'Doggie in the Window' seemed like a sweet and harmless message, and everyone thought of the corner pet store as a place to see adorable puppies. The puppies in pet stores are still adorable, but now most of them come from puppy mills. So I've changed my tune. I want this song with new lyrics, 'Doggie in the Shelter,' to become an anthem for homeless pets, and to help people recognize the great work done by animal shelters."

For the dogs who have everything

Chris Morran at, The Consumerist, writes,
"...The folks at Sniff Candles are sellingThe Consumeristg the candles in five scents, including "Fart and Away," "Day in the Hamptons" and "Splendor in the Grass," for $32 each. For those looking to buy in bulk, the entire quintet is available for $150..."

Been there...

courtesy of the FailBlog

"It's not what it looks like. Or perhaps it is. My leg (as briefly pictured in the upper-left-hand corner) is gnarled up with road rash. I was sitting in a media chair with my pants down to ease the pain on my thigh. My dog, Bacca, decided the pants were amply warm, convenient, and inviting, so she crawled in. What? That's not how you roll at your house? Don't judge me."

This picture was seen in:


Jan said...

I'm glad the world is finding out the horrors that brought some of those doggies to the window.

Barbara said...

I'm glad she changed the song.

"Fart and Away" scent? If they weren't $32 each, I'd buy one!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We like the message of How much is that doggie in the shelter. And those others are just too funny, especially the last one. Mom actually had a small dog once who tried to do that when she was in the bathroom:) BOl

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Stella said...

Too funny with the pup in the pants! I'm glad Patti changed the song, too.

So when is your take-off date?


Sightless said...

hehee the kitty does that when I'm in the bathroom. And we love the new song!!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Jan, i agree, totally!

Barbara, I am not spending that much for a candle for me, never mind my dog!

OP Pack, We LOVE that Ms. Cline rewrote the song to fit the times. Maybe someone will do "How Much Is That Doggie In Your Pants?"

Stella, Not soon enough! NEVER soon enough!

Ettel, Charlie and Emma, It seems you are in good company!

Lorenza said...

I never heard the other version of the song... but this one is pawesome!
The pictures are pawesome!
My mom thinks about those candles and she says that it is enough with my natural scent to buy a candle that will make it stronger! Hmmm....
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Ohmidogness! I just LUVS that new version of that famous song! And I wish I could give Miss Page lots of licks and wags for doing that.

And those pictures - TEEHEE!

Wiggles & Wags,

ForPetsSake said...

Yes -when is the take off date? Love those pics. The Fail blog (which is religiously perused at his home) pic with the GSD was one of my favorites, too.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for sharing the video. LOL on the last pants photo. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Lorenza, It's an old favorite from the 50's. I think every kid in the US grows up singing it!

Mayzie, We can give Ms. Page virual kisses and wags!

ForPetsSake, The estimated date of departure is still too far off. Early next year :( The failblog never ceases to make me LOL

Sugar, We love to share!

Helen Verte said...

That Stop Chew picture is hilarious. I've gotten some bitter spray on my tongue before, and it lasted and lasted and was very unpleasant. Dogs have 1700 taste buds to our 9000, so that's why it works better on me, then my dogs. And probably why dogs can eat poop? LOL. If anyone wants a free sniff of "Fart and Away," I have a dog that can provide that to you free of charge! Great new words to an old favorite melody and cute nest your pup made. I enjoyed the news from this post. :-)

Phyllis said...

I used to think that song was so cute when I was little. After becoming an adult, it made me cringe.

Dog breeding and rampant reproduction is huge where I live. It's an easy way for stupid people to make money - including a local vet!

Kudos to Ms. Page for updating it.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Helen, I had a shepherd pibble mix that like it all! Bitter Apple, Stop Chew, Tabasco... nothing stopped him!

Phyllis, I only wish as many people heard the newer version as did the older.