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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Truth About Australian Cattle Dogs...

Before we get to the truth, here's a little something to keep with the holiday spirit: Oddee's 10 Worst Christmas Decorations, EVAH!

Truth vs. myth "...and the truth shall prevail..."

There are a number of untruths floating around with regards to the Australian Cattle Dog's personality. I've listed the most common below.

1. Australian Cattle Dogs are destructive.
ACD's are intelligent and active needing both mental and physical
stimulation.If the owner doesn't provide outlets for the dog, the dog will seek
out ways to expend pent up energy.

Like I said, they'll find their own fun....

2. Australian Cattle Dogs are antisocial towards people and other animals.
ACD's can be territorial and protective, as herding dogs these traits are
necessary to do their job. Socializing your ACD will temper the desire to
protect. Conditioning your ACD's protection/guarding instinct to what is
appropriate and the desired level and length of the "alert." should be part of
your training. "No," or "Leave it," could well be one of the most important
things you teach any dog.

3. Australian Cattle Dogs are stubborn.
ACDs are extremely intelligent and fun loving canines with energy to burn!
Sitting, staying, and some other of the other necessary actions for canine good
and safety are not fun, especially in the midst of a game or in
the heat of the moment. As our dog's guardian it's our responsibility to keep
both our dogs and the public safe. Repetition, consistency and fun help our
ACD's enjoy learning and utilizing their skills!

4. Australian Cattle Dogs are aggressive towards people.
See #2

5. Australian Cattle Dogs are "outside" dogs.
No dog, should live outside without companionship. That includes livestock
guardian dogs. In their case, they have either other dogs for companionship
and/or the livestock.

6. Australian Cattle Dogs are a "one-man dog."
See #2

7. Australian Cattle Dogs are biters.
See #2

8. Australian Cattle Dogs tails should be docked.

NO! NO! NO! NO! ACDs tails should NOT be docked! That's seems to be an American
phenomena. In many countries tail docking is against the law. ACDs have never had
their tales docked and if you run across one that is you have just seen the
product of back yard breeding. There is however a breed of dog known as Australian Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dogs. They are relatively rare in the United States. Don't be fooled by someone
trying to sell you a docked ACD as an ASTCD.

With the exception of the last myth, each of these untruths are solely the responsibility of the owners.

You can find more in-depth questions/facts on New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue 's FAQ page on their website.

Hmmm... Now how weird is that? These are the same issues and problems you could have with any dog, purebred or mixed, that is not socialized and trained. Any dog, without regard to the breed, is capable of these behaviors. A puppy or dog that is well socialized is less likely to be a fear biter, aggressive or antisocial.

Beyond the basic ACD myths are a lot of myths surrounding ownership of a deaf dog. The Deaf Dog Education Action Fund has a webpage dedicated to dispelling these myths.

Callie and Louie are two great dogs that happen to be deaf. Check out their blog for an idea of how well deaf dogs manage. They will also be featured in the Dogs that Blog 2010 Calendar: ACD Edition.

And one more thing...
Congratulations to the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, located in Ovando, MT. They are the recipient and winner of GreaterGood.org/The Animal Rescue Site/Petfinder's $100,000 Shelter Challenge! The Rolling dog Ranch and Animal Sanctuary will receive the Grand Prize of a $20,000 grant to help animals.
Other winners are:
Second Prize of a $5,000 grant to help animals:

·Denison City Pound, located in Denison, IA

Third Prize of a $3,000 grant to help animals:

·The Oasis Sanctuary, located in Benson, AZ

Two Most Touching Story Awards, $2,000 grants to help animals:

·Cats Anonymous, located in Orton, ON (Canada), for Winnie's New Life ,

·Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue, located in Hoffman Estates, IL, for Frankie "Two-Paws" .


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

It's nice to see the truths revealed!

Of khourse, we Sibes khome with our own 'baggage' too!


Anonymous said...

Good to get that information out. Those videos are a great demonstration of your points.

Annie, Ruger & Neve

Unknown said...

That is the truth. We are an excellent group.. for the right people. Mom hopes she never injures herself b/c she'd be in deep trouble not being able to exercise me. I'd have to come over for respite care.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Khyra, that's the thing, everyone has issues, it just needs to be dealt with...doesn't matter if your a cow dog, sibe, or beagle. the basices are the same.

Annie, glad yo enjoyed the videos!

Norwood, It's my personal opinion that ACDs (and those mixed, like you and Stumpy) are AWESOME!! I hope your mom never ionjures herself, either...but you have a home here, anytime! SERIOUSLY!

Unknown said...

I just finished reading your article, and really enjoyed it, thank you. You can see some fun dog books at fun2readbooks.com where you can also hear the dog stories for the same price as a paperback book, and they are fun to listen to.