I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Monday, November 16, 2015

Stumpy's New Ride and Latest Road Trip

Stumpy has left the Northeast coast in search of warmer weather. She's now riding in a 1997 Ford E150 conversion van; soon to be a customized camper van.
I'm not sure she approves

In Buffalo, NY we stayed with friends who had a young, rescued terrier that was having some trouble adjusting to life in the city. Stumpy spent a couple of days helping  him with his manners and confidence.

At last report he was doing well and enjoying his new life.

We're really proud of Joe. But, we're especially proud of Ellen and Bill, the people that love Joe. They have gone the extra mile to make sure that Joe can lead a fearless, happy and fulfilling life.  Stumpy and I are looking forward to another visit with them.

In Indiana, we met up with Ivy, a young, high energy malinois girl.

Ivy and Stumpy enjoyed each others company from Indiana to New Mexico

You can read more about Ivy's adventures on The Chasing Flowers Tour 2015. She full-times in a vintage trailer with Cricket, a poodle, and their chauffeur, Diane.

We took about 3 and a half weeks to travel cross country. Now, we're here in Nevada with Kuzzin Fenway

And there's a new trouble maker in town.

Teddy Ballgame came to live with Fenway about a month ago. Best guess: he's year old Catahoula mix. He was found, skinny and starving, on the streets in Arizona. Stumpy's favorite boy brought him home and now Stumpy and I are Kuzzin-sitting.

As cute and sweet as Teddy is, Stumpy doesn't seem very happy with the new addition to the family. Teddy doesn't seem to understand that he is supposed to defer to the Queen of Everything's wants and desires.

Here's the motley crew. Teddy's pretending he's a good boy

They have a few more days to get to know each other. then Stumpy and I are movin' on down the road.


The Good Luck Duck said...

Stumpy the Life Coach.

Ms. P. said...

Love that- Stumpy Life Coach- she is the Queen of Life Coaches!. Where is the next anticipated stop?

Ms. P. said...

Love that- Stumpy Life Coach- she is the Queen of Life Coaches!. Where is the next anticipated stop?

rottrover said...

Stumpy and Cndi!! HI!! So great to see what you've been up to! Given time Stumpy would have Teddy under her spell we're sure. Glad to hear you are well and movin' on!!

-Ruby, Otto and Lisa

acd6pack said...

OMG! (as the cool kids would say) We've been wondering where you were. SO so glad to see that all is well and our favourite travelling ACD (and human)are doing well.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Good Luck Duck, Stumpy is honored that you recognize her skills.

Ms. P, Stumpy is actually the Queen of Everything. Because she is royalty we never divulge our location until after the fact. Suffice to say, we'll remain in warmer temperatures until winter looses it's hold on New England. Thanks for stopping by and please do check back!

Ruby, Otto and Lisa! So good of you to drop by! We still have a lot of trouble with blogger and following and replying to blogs. Such a pain!

ACD6pack! So nice to see you!!! blogger gives us fits, but we're going to try to get back to blogging.

kj said...

Aha, so here you are :-) I'm impressed with the breath and volume of stumpy's road friends! Good for you both for seeking warmer winds until spring springs. Of course see you in Ptown for lunch :-)

Thanks for keeping in touch with me. Now I know where you'll be


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

hey kj, I'm looking forward to that lunch in P Town!

World of Animals, Inc said...

Stumpy is just the best. We hope you had a wonderful time on your travels and it looks like warmer weather was on the east coast. Have a great rest of your day.
World of Animals

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