I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

For me they are the role model for being alive.

~ Gilda Radner

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stimulating Stumpy #3 (don't try this at home)

An internet search gave me this idea. PLEASE read the warning at the end of the post!!! Thanks, Monica!

All you need is an empty water bottle, some treats and an old sock

I broke the treats into smaller pieces to fit inside the water bottle.

And slipped the water bottle inside of the sock.

Stumpy had a great time! Watching her was good fun, too!

45 minutes later, she is still totally engaged but beginning to get a little frustrated.

I decided to take the sock of the water bottle. The water bottle was so squashed that the treats weren't being released.

She entertained herself for awhile long, but was still not getting any treats. Well, not any edible treats. It was only a few minutes later that I noticed she was eating the water bottle! I'm not worried about these pieces making their way through Stumpy's digestive tract. But for a large breed dogs that are prone to gastric torsion, or a dog with a more sensitive stomach this could be fatal (yes, I will be checking poops to make sure. Unless of course someone wants to volunteer for that job.

So, I really like that this exercise kept her engaged for so long, but I think I'll try it with a soda bottle, maybe that will be more substantial. Plus, I'll leave ths sock on!

Actually, we have a real honest-to-goodness store bought treat dispenser en route!
Stumpy was fortunate to win a couple of the auction items that were donated to benefit Blueberry
Stumpy won a Kong Wobbler

Thanks to JD and Max for making it possible for us to help Blueberry! Thanks Mayzie (and everyone else) for donating such great prizes!

I guess I've just gotten in the habit of sharing a video, now. This one may be familiar to long time residents of canine blogland. I saw it for the first time yesterday and am working my way around to those who participated to thank them. I've listed their links below the video. Some of the participants are still blogging, some are MIA and some are partying over the Bridge.

It was produced and directed by Pappy in 2006. Pappy hasn't posted since August 2009. Hope all is well with you, Pappy! You're in our thoughts!

The video featured such canine greats and legends as (in order of their appearance)

Onion the Dog,


Cairo who's new baby sister must be taking up all the blogging time!

Tintin Who seems to have blogged while drunk in 2000, and hasn't been seen since, except in this video.

Dave and Zim from The Army of Four Digest

Toby MIA since Thanksgiving

Buster the Fox Terrorist MIA since Valentines Day of this year

Charley and Opy of The Original Gruff Puppy and Gruff Puppy fame. Charley left this world over a year ago, but I know his spirit will be a part of our blogging community, always. Their bean is the founder of Dogs With Blogs

Toby the Little Dude

Ellie, Maggie and Andie from the 3-Dog Cache Ellie crossed over in 2008. The blog hasn't been updated since 4 months after Ellie's passing. We're thinking of you!

Joe Stains and Tanner

The Flea Blog's Simon, who now resides over the Bridge but who's siblings, Tommy and Shelly carry the torch. MIA since July, though!

Brody, no update since Halloween, 2007


In my mind, these are the dogs that opened up Blogland for the rest of us. Thanks for the awesome video and helping to make blogging with dogs what it is, today!

Monica, commented that a similar toy was responsible for a dogs tongue requiring amputation. the following link will take you to that story. Thanks Monica!

Dogs Tongue Amputated


Anita said...

That looks like a lot of fun Stumpy. Our DOHs mentioned that they might be getting us a Kong for Christmas, but they won't say for sure! Hope you have a very Happy Howlidays!
Bones and Treats
Bronson and Pepper

Anonymous said...

Stumpy will definitely enjoy the Kong Wobbler. I got it for Riley the other day and she loved it. She got the hang of it right off the bat so I'm sure Stumpy would too. It was difficult enough to keep her attention and to not be too frustrating either. The sock/water bottle combo looked pretty fun but hard!

Elyse (and Riley)

monica said...

Please don't use a pop bottle for treats. Stumpy's tongue could get stuck in the hole - That can create a vacuum - her tongue could swell & she would be unable to get it out. There is an article regarding a treat ball that had only one hole - it has since been recalled - if you google "dog loses tongue to chew toy" it will bring up the article.

bbes tribe said...

The Kong ball will be fun. Our kids (even the fosters like the rubber toys that can hold treats, peanut butter (nummy) Keeps 'em entertained sometimes even after the p butter is gone. The aroma lingers...
PeeEss: Too bad you aren't closer. We are sure at least 1 of the fosters would love to come to your place.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We certainly can so how frustrating that can be Stumpy. We would have torn that sock off first thing. It probably would have been in pieces..
We love the video....

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We remember that video, some old friends there, some we didn't know, but it was fun to watch it again.

We have a toy with a water bottle inside it, but Mom watches us carefully if we play with it. The toy is made of some pretty tough material too.

Maybe Stumpy needs a playmate for stimulation (ducking now).

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

So Stumpy

What games do woo have planned to keep The Human okhkhupied?


Anonymous said...

I got your note about the bottles sucking their tongues in. I won't be giving Riley any to play with. I fed Riley out of her Kong Wobbler tonight and she got a big thrill out of it!

Elyse (and Riley)

Sam said...

If she liked the water bottle so much, I think she'll have a blast with the Kong Wobbler!

Marge would be lost without her treat dispensing toys. I usually feed her meals out of them a few times a week, and it really helps to keep her occupied.

Sandra said...

My dogs would not work so hard for food! Howard had a Kong Wobbler. It did not interest him for very long. Grace absolutely will not work for food!

God help us if my dogs had a blog! I'm bad enough, the self indulgent dribble that would be put onto the world would be mind-boggling!

The video with the lost dog in the mall...I could not comment on it, so I will on this post. Very touching. I used to own an Afghan. That dog was an Afghan or perhaps Borzois cross. I'm thinking Afghan though. What a handful my girl was.

Stella said...

I wouldn't try that since Stella thinks plastic is one of the Basic Food Groups and would eat it up! However, I did put some treats in an Oatmeal container, punched a few holes in the top, and she chased that around for a while!

Jo and Stella

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Bronson and Pepper, Kongs are awesome! Stumpy loves hers, but it's no good for dispensing treats.

Elyse, Stumpy loves anythng that has to do with food!

Monica, thanks for the heads up. I've edited the post and included the link!

bbes tribe, Stumpy has a kong I stuff and she loves it. When/if i get up your way next year and Stumpy hasn;t found a companion, we'll be open to taking one of your fosters.

Heelers, I was REALLY surprised Stumpy didn;t take the sock off her self. She was so focused on the mouth of the bottle, she never even tried!

OP Pack, I loved that video! I 'll have toremember to google your toy or hit you up for a link!

Khyra, Stumpy is always plotting some type of "amusement" for my benefit.

Sam, I think Stumpy will love the Wobbler, too!

Sandra, I don;t think there's anything Stumpy wouldn't do for food.

Did you own the Afghan or vice versa? I think the dog in the video was a lurcher, very common in the UK. They're a cross between a sighthound and USUALLY some type of terrier or herding breed. I love all the sight hounds and I hope there's one in my future. I love love love the look of that particular dog and the dogs' obviously not lacking in the brain department.

Stella, your idea is on our list if the wobbler doesn't deliver!

tula monstah said...

hey Stumpy, i got a volunteer fur ya-- Nordude! he's tres bon at examining goose pate so he'd very well qualified.

ahh. have funballs with the wombler. i entered to win that in the blueberry auction. at least woo got it:)

Pee eses: i LUV LUV my kibbleball and probably any foodie-dispensing treat thingy.


Pat Wahler said...

Terrific video! Strangely enough, dogs seem to love water bottles. Indy will carry one around and chew at it as though it's the greatest toy ever (and that's with no treats inside!). I had a friend with Irish Wolfhounds. She'd give them empty gallon size milk jugs to carry around for playtime!


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining and educational.
Although the crunchy noise is a big part of the attraction, those bottles do not hold up long enough. Our big problem is we would then have puppers nipping at feet filled stockings expecting treats.
We appreciate Kong toys but I was a litte dismayed when they added squeakers. I have seen many squeaker related problems.
Looking forward to seeing more on how Stumpy is entertaining her mom.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Tula, sorry we beat you out on the Kong Wobbler :( Stumpy will ut it to good use, I swear! I'm really looking forward to giving it a try!

K9friend, Alf loved water bottles, but he isn't a focused chewer like Stumpy. He just liked the racket, I think.

Dogsmom, Stumpy focuses on the squeaker in squeaker toys, and it worries me. We do have a couple squeaky toys she hasn't totally destroyed.

Kristine said...

I have tried the water bottle before, but never with a sock. Maybe that will help it last longer. Shive regularly plays with empty pop bottles so she is already pretty good at chewing through them just for kicks. With actual food inside? She goes nuts. We are lucky in that she never actually east the plastic, just chews pieces off and spits them out. It makes for a mess but I don't have to worry about her getting sick, at least.

Thanks for another great post!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Kristine! I just now put two and two together and actually got 4! I didn't realize that you were shiva's Kristine!

Tucker said...

Oh Stumpy you aren't suppose to eat bottles silly! I am very good at not eating anything I am not suppose to. I gets to play with water bottles with my Dad all the time and I never even pop them. The most important thing is to always have supervision from the hoomans when playing wif your toys.

woof - Tucker

Toby said...

Thanks for sharing the video!~ Mom and I still watch it from time to time :) I'm still blogging but Mom (aka typist) hasn't been updating as much as she should be.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season,


Dexter said...

Thanks for posting that movie. Gosh, it makes me sad that some of my friends have gone over the Rainbow Bridge and some have just vanished from blog land.

As for that toy? Yeah, a plastic bottle is no problem to eat your way through. At least it occupied your wee brain for a bit.


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Tucker, as a bean, I definitely responsible for supervisig all of Stumpy's activities!

Toby, that was a great video. We totally understand about life taking over!

Mango, Wee brain???? HMPH!!!

Losing contact over the internetz after developing friendships has always been a hard one for me, too!